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Here are some frequently asked question by our consumers & affiliates

It's very simple, all you need is just our affiliate link. Without the affiliate link you cannot register yourself as an affiliate. Your account will be suspended after non referral link registration.

Reason for this is very simple but most valuable. We'll talk if you don't than what ? So my dear friends, if you don't buy, you may not get the additional benefit of high discounts, free shipping, cash back, repurchase, share & earn and much more. etc. But if you buy you save lots of money. "HOW ?" You buy soaps, shampoos, hair oils, baby soaps, baby shampoos / powders, face wash, etc. & many daily use products from a general store or any online website's, isn't you? Now if you are buying from general stores or any online grocery store you will just get products + slight discount. (Yes or No) and you buy this type of products regularly. isn't you ? Means in a year you spend more than 2100 rupees on this products & you just get products in return ? You spend from you hardly earn income and this general stores and grocery stores make huge profit from your pocket. If you buy from FELIXIND just one time a combo package you get 3000 shopping wallet just in 2100/- Mean you can shop any thing you want till the 3000 shopping e-wallet is empty ( there is no limit for usage/ life time ) Additionally you get all products in 50% discounts as there is no middle person Like whole seller, retailer, stockiest, franchiser, etc. between you (consumer) & Company ( price of any products are hiked due to this middle agents who make profit from consumers pocket like you) Additionally you can earn by becoming a prime member and sharing our products online or offline. You can also make a affiliate team where company supports you to manage and train your team , with this team you can earn huge commission as its always better to work in a team rather than alone. 1 can do 10 referrals 10 can do 100 referrals so you know the results.

YESSSS.......!!!! You can work from anywhere !. What you need is just a smart phone or laptop + you should have a internet connection and at least 1-2 hours to work.

YES...!!! Company do provide FREE training for all and regular guidance training are held every week about how to plan and new techniques to work, and on various topics face by our respected affiliate.


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