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Skin Immunity Builder cum Moisturizer
Bello Aloe vera gel helpful
for treating various skin
problems such as burns,
s u n b u r n s, p r e v e n t
itching, acne scars and
scratching of the skin,
heal wounds and stops
bleeding from minor cuts.
Also helps to cure insect
bite blisters and any type
of skin allergies.

Each 10 G of Gel is
p r e p a r e d fr o m t h e
following :
Aloe barbadensis leaves
juice (Kumari) 95% w/w, Wheat Germ Oil
2%v/w and Glycerin 5%v/w in perfumed
colored gel base. Sod. Benzoate & Sod.
Methyl parabeen added as preservatives.

Apply 2 to 3 times a day on affected area.
120 gm pet tube packing
For External Use Only
Body Moisturi

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