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Natural Herbal Shampoo

S h a m p o o i s 1 0 0%
Herbal preparation.

S h a m p o o h a s n o

Shampoo has natural
foaming herbs and moisturizes
the hair

No solvents are used for herbal
extraction. .

Shampoo is pH balanced
useful to all types of skins and

s h a m p o o c ont a ins
time tested herbs.

Regular use of Bello shampoo
hair becomes soft, shiny and
lustrous and it helps in keeping
hair protected from further

shampoo rejuvenates
hair follicle to prevent hair
loss and delays hair graying.

Each 15 ml of shampoo
prepared from 5 mg of each of
the following herbal water extracts in perfumed
shampoo base:
Aloe barbadensis leaves (Kumari), Hibiscus rosasinensis
flower (Daasani), Phyllanthus emblica fruit pulp (Amla),
Eclipta alba w.plant (Bhringarai), Lawsonia alba leaves
(Mehandi), Sapindus emarginatus fruit pulp (Arishta) and
Acacia concinna fruit pulp (Ritha).

How to use
Take head bath with Bello Shampoo weekly twice.

100 ML & 200 ml HDPE bottle with flip top cap.
For External Use Only

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