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#felixind no mask face cream for regular use. best product.

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Bello No marks Cream is
prepared from HERBS.

Bello No Marks Cream
effective for nourishing of

Keeps skin soft, shiny
and smooth.

Clearance of red/black

Clearance of post /
pimple scars.

Clearance of Dark circles
below the eyes.

Each gram of cream is
prepared from 2.5% W/V of
each of the following water extracts:
Curcuma longa rhizome (Turmeric), Ocimum
sanctum leaves (Tulasi), Acorus calamus
rhizome (Vacha), Azadiracta indica bark
(Neem), Aloe barbadensis leaves (Kumari)
and Rosa damascene flower oil (Rose) in
perfumed cream base. No colour added.

How to use
Wash face with warm soap water and allow to
dry.ApplyBelloNoMarks creammoreonmarks
andalsoapply throughouttheface.For synergist

For External Use Only
100 G in tube with flip top cap.

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